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The product we have created has been specifically chosen to appeal to triathletes of a beginner level. While many may think that cycling shoes are non-essential for entry level triathletes, they are actually a nessesity for all triathletes, beggeniners and pros alike. Many competitors are turned away by the extortionate prices that the average cycling shoe costs. Our product solves this plight by making a cheap, reliable and simple product that can be 3d printed within hours, and size adjusted on Grasshopper. The cycling shoe exoskeleton that we have created provides enough support with the velcro straps, and elevated curves on the sides to allow the user to experience the full feeling of having a real cycling shoe on. Another bennefit that our exoskeleton offers is that when the competitor needs to remove his/her cycling shoe and change into running shoes all they need to do is loosen the velcro, and step out.

Our exoskeleton cycling attachment is important because it offers an alternative to expensive cycling shoes for entry triathletes and cyclists alike, and it can be detattched from your shoe whenever your would like to remove it. Some athletes never purchase cycling shoes because they just do not feel the need to change shoes for more performance, but our product avoids that problem so you never have to make that decision in the first place.