Jules Gouvin-Moffat
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We started off today with a change of responsibilities and priorities. Both Rosie and Saeed came to us with a slightly different design than the one we were working on. Kate is going to model an inner sole, not visible to onlookers, that will be connected to the hinge and folding origami. There will also be holes in that sole, to utilize rushing air from the other, hinged, sole. Hayley and I are working on the melding of fabric and 3D printed origami for the rest of the shoe. Her focus is on the tongue and surrounding fabric. My day was occupied by making the shoe shape/design. I worked on creating curves that formed a sort of gradient, to allow the stationary origami to fade into the fabric in a natural way. As soon as possible tomorrow morning, I'm going to clean up my curves, and experiment with the panelization of origami (including extrusions), and hopefully start printing.

UPDATE: Rhino crashed when I was showing my dad the wonders of Grasshopper, and although my curves were saved, my Grasshopper file was not. The lesson here is that the Autosave folder is useless, and you should always screenshot and save your files copiously.