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The goal for our hand sanitizer dispenser was to create a device that would encourage people to use hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizing a simple way people can stay healthy. People should be using hand sanitizer after they cough, sneeze, blow their nose, shake hands, touch their face, or do other common actions. We created the hand dispenser because it intrigues people and draws them in, enticing them to use the sanitizer and stay healthy. The dispenser also clamps onto the desks that we use at NuVu, so NuVu students can keep them close and use them all the time.

Studies have shown that hand sanitizer decreases the risk of colds and other illnesses, so if NuVu students were to keep the dispensers around them and use the sanitizer regularly, they would stay healthier. The germ bugs on top of the hand serve the purpose of reminding students how dirty their hands are, so they are drawn to use it. This product is important because it encourages people to use hand sanitizer, therefore keeping them healthier.