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Our product is a cap that attaches to your sunscreen bottle and factors in your skin color and the strength of the UV rays to get the appropriate time to remind you when to reapply sunscreen. The UV alert is unique because it incorporates both your skin tone and the strength of the UV rays. Ones skin tone is determined by the amount of melanin in the skin. Dark skin has more melanin than light skin therefore is more protective. Factoring in the skin tone results in accuracy to when one should reapply their sunscreen, this enables our product to be personalized by any consumer. There are many harmful effects that come from too much sun exposure Risks include skin cancer, sun burn, sun poisoning, premature aging, and sun spots. This sunscreen cap is a preventative for the harsh UV rays. Our studio focused on the issue of forgetfulness beacuse its one of the top reasons why people don't take there meds. We brainstormed other instances where people are forgetful in terms of medicine and we thought of sunscreen and the dangers of not wearing sunscreen. Research shows that reapplying sunscreen is critical in the prevention of  skin cancer, sun burns, sun poisoning, premature aging, and sun spots.  The text message study proves that people are more willing to use sunscreen when they are reminded. The physical reminder of the vibration from the buzzer, and the sound alert from the Arduino, will increase the chance for our consumers reapplying their sunscreen.