Brief v1

Myles Lack-Zell

Sustainably-sourced modular seating for home and public spaces. The modules are grown from mushrooms and attached using bamboo components.

Over the last number of decades, the amount of furniture in landfills has increased dramatically along with the demand for fast furniture. While inexpensive and quick to produce, these cardboard and plywood furniture pieces often contain toxic chemicals and only last a short time before being thrown away and replaced. Growing furniture from mushrooms benefits the environment by absorbing carbon-dioxide during production, and can reduces the need for disposal at end-of-life

Mycelium, the main body of a fungus, forms a water resistant, flame retardant, and fully biodegradable Styrofoam-like solid when grown together with crop waste. The mycelium modules are simple shapes for easy casting. Once grown, the pieces are attached using bamboo components. The modules can be disconnected from each other and rearranged to form stools, benches, and chairs.