Jakob Sperry and Satchel Sieniewicz

A device to help a wounded marine do butterfly pull-ups, a type of pull-up used in CrossFit, with more ease and comfort.

Evan, a wounded marine, lost use of his right elbow in an accident while he was serving as a marine. He still enjoys doing CrossFit and other athletic activities. In order to do pull-ups, he throws an exercise band over the bar and puts it under his arm to supply resistance while he does the pull-up. This solution works but it hurts and cuts his armpit. The Pull-Up Assistant was designed to allow him to do pull-ups in comfort. This device consists of a silicone shell with foam padding to keep the exercise bands from cutting his arm. There are two parts, One that covers his underarm and one that covers the rise of his torso. There is a hard bridge between these pieces keeping his arm roughly in one position.