Safety Clothes

Mila Contreras Godfrey and Clio Bildman

Clio - Emissive Clothing is a functional light producing the shirt. The shirt detects one's emotions to provide light when the user is feeling anxious or afraid. The project is for those who feel uncomfortable or unsafe walking at night. The shirt uses Galvanic Skin Sensor to detects changes in the skin activated by the sweat glands. The user can reuse this as a form of protection and assurance.

Emissive clothing - A light producing shirt from LED's impeded into the fabric. The shirt lights up when one starts to sweat. The Galvanic Sensors sewn onto the shirt sense's when one is sweating and that triggers the LED's impeded into the shirt to start glowing. We used AFFOA impeded LED fabric and sewed that onto a basic black t-shirt. We would then sew on LED's to all sides of the shirt , then sew on the galvanic sensor.

Mila-Emissive Clothing is a light-producing the shirt. The shirt detects the wearer's emotions to provide light when the wearer is feeling anxious or afraid. Galvanic skin sensors within the fabric respond to activated swear glands to provide light those running at night.  When the Galvanic sensors feel the active sweat glands and an increase in heart rate, the LED lights that are woven into the fabric activate. The shirt provides an ease of use to the wearer, emitting light by replacing a flashlight. The shirt is powered by kinetic so as you run, that energy powers the LEDs in the shirt.