pierre Belizaire

friendly Circles: a series of habitats built to house a flock of Starlings and to protect them from predators.

Starlings are lowland invasive birds; they nest or take over other birds nests, dryer vents, rooftops of buildings or light posts.  The female Starlings usually lay and incubate four eggs. Along with being invasive, Starlings are often considered the noisiest and social birds, especially during dusk and dawn. The birds tend to soil cars and buildings surrounding the areas of their habitat.  

Starlings cohabitate with humans in cities and towns, and in agricultural areas where there is plenty of food(fruits, seeds, and bugs) and water. Starlings flock together in the sky creating murmurations to protect themselves from predators like the Peregrine Falcons. Predators find it difficult to target one bird in the middle of thousands of hypnotizing Starlings.  The location of the project is such that is not easily visible to a predator in the sky while being unreachable from the ground. The Starling's nesting would be tube-shaped possibly made out of PVC. It would be placed somewhere in the city where they are not a nuisance; in a high and safe altitude that exudes low heat, so Starlings can keep their eggs warm.  Starlings are already in our environment, and large numbers, so why not provide them with a home.