The Process

Gavin Zaentz and 2 OthersKristopher Aime
Alexander Skipitaris

Our idea explored rural, urban, and suburban cities and internet usage. We wanted to take information and give it another way to visualize it. Because of that, we turned information into music. Our music was made from three different parts of internet information. The notes are based on the FIPS, the volume is based on the age, and the duration is based on the year. Each of those have their own separate track, and that allowed us to export them separately and even combine them to make better music. Our final piece is a combination of the music that the FIPS in rural places and the FIPS and urban places gave us. Once we had the Excel file we had to narrow it down from 54 parameters to 5-6. Once we had that we used MaxMSP to create a MIDI file. With that we then started to split up our sound clips. First we split it up by USR than sorted by age and made MIDI for all of them. We added the Kalimba sound and started mixing and layering the sounds to create something more complex.