Memory Capsule - Presentation

Memory Capsule - Presentation

Lalita Bellach and Hugo Fowler


The Memory Capsule is based on impactful moments in Mary-Ann's life, particularly those involving animals or loved ones. The project is similar to matryoshka dolls, in that it is a physical representation of a very impactful memory surrounded by other, less impactful memory's representations.

The project is a physical representation of multiple slightly impactful physical representations of memories, in the form of a wooden box. It is made out of wood and is multiple objects wrapped around each other to be unraveled during the telling of a story, and at the center of all of the boxes is a mirror, to show how all of these memories come together to create the person Mary-Ann is today.


This project is representing the different moments and memories that had an impact on Mary-Ann's life. This project is based on the matryoshka dolls where the most important memories are smaller and the less important memories are larger surrounding the smaller memories. 

The final project helps Mary-Ann (a senior at Mount Pleasant Home) tell her stories and how these memories changed her. While she is telling the stories she will reveal what is in each of the wooden figures one bye one to remember and tell her story. The boxes consist of about 4 layers: the outer layer which is a duck, the second layer represents her trip to Ireland, the third layer signifies that she has had to deal with diabetes, and the last layer is a mirror that means that all of these memories make the person that she is today.