Cedar Larson and Abigail Araia
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The dNoisifyer is an interactive bot which helps students speak and interact at a reasonable noise level by measuring sound level and taping  a student with its arm when the student is too loud.

The dNoisifyer acts as an assistive device for a teacher managing a classroom. The bot reminds students of their volume by lighting up and tapping them if they exceed a specific decibel. The goal is to help students stay focussed, especially in a classroom, and encourages more volume-awareness. The dNoisifyer includes a microphone to measure volume and displays the level with a LED. If a student is too loud, the dNoisifyer will use its small motor to tap a student while the LED simultaneously lights up. It looks like a small creature with large ears incorporated to demonstrate listening. the dNoisifyer is intended to be used in a classroom, but it could be used personally, or in another setting. The goal of the bot is to help people become more self-aware, especially of their volume.