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The Porcuphant is a hand-powered kinetic creature based on what you would get by crossing Porcupine with an Elephant.  Our hours of iterations come together to make the ultimate Porcupine-Elephant experience.

The inspiration for the Porcuphant came from a problem; a clear lack of affordable, easy to use, versatile combination of Porcupines and Elephants.  The solution was the Porcuphant.  A cardboard, easy-to-make, moving animal.  The Porcuphant is perfect for toddlers, adults, and everyone looking for a fun and versatile toy to burn off some stress with.

The Porcuphant utilizes a unique cog/quill mechanism.  Turning the trunk will cause the quills to be pushed up and down by the continuous cog.  The Porcuphant is made of cardboard, with the quills and trunk made out of plastic, and the cam rod out of wood.