Early Phases

Joseph Chafkin

Out for three days sick last week, I came back to NuVu unsure of what studio I'd be assigned to help out with. Saeed directed me toward Sean Stevens' EEG BrainWave Art studio (I was thrilled to be working with Sean again, for he and I made some very interesting brainwave art last fall. I checked in with a few students, but was particularly intrigued by Rhett's idea for a spinning LED display. We were on our second week of the studio, and still did not have any clear idea of what the prototype would look like. After about an hour of brainstorming and planning, we agreed that a circle spinning upright would be both interesting and impressive to look at. From there, we hashed out designs found a relatively simple way to create this machine in the limited amount of time we had left. We took three differently sized circular panels of wood and attached them together. We then affixed different colors of tape around the edges of each circle (this was because we wanted to try mounting LED strips on the edges of three concentric circles, and wanted to see how well each strip could be seen). After we modeled this, we mounted it on a drill and watched it spin. Though it did create the spherical shape we were looking for, this first model had too much going on. We decided to pare the design down from three concentric circles to one single spinning semicircle, because it still created a globe shape with fewer components.