Cooper Grace and Samuel Zintl
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For our project, we decided to try and ease the life for people in wheel chairs by making a modular rail system for wheelchairs. The rail system was designed to be open source and as a standard so many different people with different needs and wheelchairs can use this system. We made 2 great attachments but many more could be made. Ours comes with phone/tablet stand so that they could read a book or watch a movie without having to hold their phone or tablet while doing so. This would also enable them to eat or drink or propel themselves around while listening to music, FaceTiming with someone, or just to have easy access to their phone throughout day to day life. The problem we were trying to solve was the lack of an easy attachment system for gadgets to improve their lives, along with the problem of having to keep ones phone in their lap while propelling themselves which could lead it to fall on the floor and break or to get lost. This is important because we realized on the first day of the studio that despite the huge demand for wheelchair gadgets, there are few inexpensive simple luxuries that most people in wheelchairs might find very useful and would improve their lives greatly.