Jiyoo Jye and Luis Carbajal

Project Examples:

Suction Cup Transporter - A soft robotic attachment for swimmers that can allow people to attach to large underwater mammals (like whales) to travel between underwater bases. The robotic attachment would take the shape of sea weed to have a branched surface area full of octopus suckers. 

Emergency Air Reserve Mask - During emergency situations, not everyone will have access or the ability to quickly put on their gear. The emergency air reserve mask will be a small air capsule applied in a soft robotic star fish that will attach to the mouth and nose. This will pressurize the body and allow for quick breathing. 

Cave Exploring Pod - During the crisis in Thailand where students were stranded in an air pocket for weeks, large pressurized objects were  not able to maneuver through the treacherous caves, even with the help of divers. This means supplies had to be carried by hand to help the kids. The cave exploring pod is a snake like robot that will be able to slither materials through caves remotely and be able to ship supplies. It will use sonar to detect and avoid objects.