Kate Reed and Jules Gouvin-Moffat

The aim of this studio was to represent data in a unique, interesting way. Kate and I loved the idea of using the massive amount of Hubway user information (a bike sharing program in Boston) available publicly. At first, a basic bicycle likely doesn’t seem that interesting to most of us. That is what served as our inspiration and our challenge for this project-we wanted to give a certain kind of humanity to three randomly-chosen bikes. We tracked two data points-the time of day the bike was used, and the duration of the ride-of these bikes for a month. Then, we assigned them a personality, which would be our main guide later for creating the music. (The three personalities were depressed/lonely, a busy, and a cheerful) We used Max MSP to turn the data points into sound information, and Ableton Live to turn the sound information into actual music. Our final, fascinating result for this project are the three ballads of the bikes.