Jacob Fishman
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Dispute! A board game aimed to expose players to landlord-tenant housing issues in an easily digestible form.

This project arose from the Engineering Landscapes studio. During that studio, students were exposed to various parts of Cambridge and came upon the posters for the Somerville-Cambridge Tenants’ Union. A compilation of Interviews with that union and with local tenants as well as significant research into housing laws and issues formed the basis for the characters in the game. Dispute! Is an opportunity to introduce the concept of landlord tenant issues to people from a variety of different socioeconomic and cultural viewpoints. The goal is for the players to be engaged in landlord-tenant issues and introduced to the role income, savings, other social issues, and how even issues that might seem as trivial as landlord mood might affect the outcome of those disputes.

A combination of 3-D printed plastic game pieces as well as a wooden laser cut board with movable acrylic spinner and laminated printed cards make up this dynamic board game. Using the format most people are familiar with as board games from their childhood this easily digestible format provides a recreational manner in which to introduce an emotionally charged and sometimes heated subject.

If you want to share your own landlord tenants stories go to disputeboardgame.com

Dispute! Issues with your landlord never seemed so fun!
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