Through the Walls

Alma Erro

Through the Walls: A wearable sculpture that is created specifically for Jessica Hayon, a dancer from the Heidi Latsky Dance Company. It uses the concept of a soft material going through a hard material because Jessica constantly defies the assumptions and stereotypes people place on her.

Jessica Hayon is easygoing, determined and helpful. She is constantly trying to prove to herself and everybody around her that she is capable of doing anything. For example, unlike a lot of the other dancers she wasn't born with a disability of an injury, it developed over time. She started using a wheelchair when she was 13 and is also currently training for her fifth marathon. She always lends a hand to her friends without them even needing to ask. 

Through the Walls attaches to her shoulder and travels down her body where it connects to her ankle.  It is made of geometric pieces of acrylic connected by straps of cotton woven through holes in the wood. The cotton pops out of holes in the acrylic to relate back to the original concept.