Siena Jekel and 2 OthersMax Allen
Jamie Pickar

Siena Brief:

C.A.R. (Crazy Awesome Ride):
an electric vehicle intended to allow those who do not have a drivers’ license to transport themselves short distances, as well as practice the skill of driving. It is designed to be aero dynamic, simple to use, and cheap to attain. The vehicle is powered electrically to minimize its carbon impact. The entire car was manufactured by our team in house. All components were easy to attain and bought at a local hardware store. In addition, Vulcan demonstrates the feasibility of individuals building environmentally sustainable and safe tools for their person use. 

C.A.R allows an individual to drive at high speeds, as this vehicle was designed to maintain light weight. Anyone is able to learn how to drive this car no matter what age. C.A.R. almost has the same system as a regular car. For the steering, there is a universal joint that allows an axel to spin and moves a pulley connected to axels that move the wheels from left to right. We were given a electric bike motor, which is is held up by a laser cut stand, then there is a gear mounted on the frame that has a chain going to a gear with a sprocket on it in the back, thus moving the back wheels. The basic technology of this project is creating a frame that is aerodynamic so it can go faster and using a gear chain mechanism to move the car.