final presentation

Stephen Ward and Ollo MacLean
1 / 24

Ollo's Brief:

A musical table designed to add tracks of music or sound as each step of the coffee-making process is performed, adding an element of music to stimulate the user’s auditory system, pique their senses, and begin a productive day. 

The Sunrise Symphony was modified to eliminate the visual aspect of the coffee-making ritual and remade more generically, such that any process in any order could be added to the mp3 drive, allowing the same sensation as initially shown. Each item had a specific sound that would play when lifted, affirming the user picked up the correct item, so that it also could be used by the visually impaired community. Underneath the pentagon frame, photoresistors line the outside of small holes, acting as light sensors playing the sound of one specific part of making coffee when a cylinder is removed. The sensors activate when an object is removed from the table, triggering an mp3 shield coded in C++ to play the corresponding layer of music or sound.