comFORTable Hood

Azaria Molina and 2 OthersCharlotte Ketterson
Izzy Lamb

Azaria's Brief

comFORTable Hood: a deployable structure that is a small foldable enclosure designed to make the large open spaces of Kendall Square feel more personable and comfortable. The comFORTable Hood folds over a user so they can watch movies on their own device. 

Kendall Square is always busy during the day and with this deployable structure, people can use it to unwind and enjoy a movie on their device. The comFORTable Hood has two layers of fabric that allows the user to choose the amount of lighting and privacy they want. The first layer of fabric is like a screen door and the second layer is completely dark. This gives the user the choice to block out sunlight while they are under the hood. This structure also contains a holder for electronics, so the user can easily connect their device to the structure. The goal of this project is to make the user feel at home without having to isolate themselves from their surroundings and enjoy the feeling of being outdoors.

Charlotte's Brief

ComFORTable Hood: The ComFORTable Hood is a deployable structure created to make the many large open spaces in Kendall Square feel more personable and comforting. It has a compact foldable design that causes it to be easily deployed in various spaces by expanding into a makeshift hood over the top half of one’s body.

Often, when trying to do work or use an electronic outside, there is a significant amount of glare from the sunshine in addition to the many distractions. The ComFORTable Hood was designed to help combat this. The structure allows people to feel more at home in public spaces. It has a foldable design that allows for easy transport, and when opened it acts as a makeshift large hood that goes over one's head. It also is equipped with a phone stand inside. It is designed to make something simple like watching a movie more enjoyable while outside in public spaces. Made of wood and fabric, it creates an enclosure around one's head without making them feel too secluded or isolated from fresh air and the people around them. The ComFORTable Hood was created for those who enjoy spending time outside as much as possible while also being able to enjoy the use of their phone or tablet without any glare.

Izzy's Brief

comFORTable Hood: A deployable structure that allows people to spend more time in the public areas of Kendall Square by providing a comfortable space for an individual to relax. It is a wearable hood for someone's head where they can place their mobile device in order to watch a movie. 

The communal areas in Kendall Square are mainly used by people who walk through on their way to work or class or stop quickly to eat lunch. The comFORTable Hood allows for a comfortable way for people to spend and enjoy their time in Kendall Square. The hood allows users to sit outside in a public space without having to deal with the social interactions that come with it. Instead of isolating themselves inside, people can have their own individual space to watch what they want but they can do it outdoors. When attempting to look at a screen while outdoors, the sun creates a glare making it very difficult. The comFORTable Hood provides the shade and privacy that is needed in order for a comfortable experience. 

The comFORTable Hood is a wooden structure where the user lays down, and it expands to fit over their head. The user can place their device in a holder inside of the hood. This device is intended to be used in the courtyard in Kendall Square, a grassy area surrounded by buildings and people, but can be deployed elsewhere too. This gives the person an individual entertainment experience while also being a part of the community of Kendall Square.