Brazos Bebinger and Amiyr Ahmad
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Amiyr Ahmad: Brief 

Pop-up Sports is a deployable soccer net that is easily set up and deployable for use in the Kendall Square area. This installation allows for people in Kendall at lunch to rent out soccer nets to play soccer with there friends which makes the greens spaces have more use.

Pop-up Sports is a deployable soccer net that can easily be installed and uninstalled around Kendall square. There are very few green spaces in the area and even fewer places for people to play sports. There were people playing in areas as small as 15 feet by 10 feet, limited space for physical activity.  Pop-Up Sports seeks to utilize small and underutilized greens spaces and to bring more fun things to do over lunch and also shows that sports activities don't need a lot of set up or space.  The soccer net comes ready and all you have to do is unfold it comes on a cart and is 9ft tall and 6ft wide., People from Kendall or MIT can rent these out over lunch or in the morning and bring the net where ever they want to play. The rental is limited to a day so many people within the community can access this structure and enjoy a game of soccer.