Uproar Presentation

Uproar Presentation

Stephen Ward and Jacob Fishman
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Jacob Brief:

UPROAR: A hood like structure designed for disabled dancer, Garrison Redd, to express his spirit animal in visual form.

Garrison is an Olympic powerlifter, model, dancer, TEDx Speaker, and nonprofit head of the @garrisonreddproject. In balancing all of these activities, he describes himself as a lion.  "My spirit animal is a lion. They are the strongest and most recognizable leaders in the animal community." Traditionally a lion symbolizes perseverance, strength, and leadership, and the king of the jungle. 

Using the lion as an inspiration, the wearable UPROAR consists of acrylic pieces assembled with a strap and 3D printed clips that when pulled over garrisons head create an abstracted profile of a lion.  The hood gives off the idea of a leader, and its implied lion profile aligns to show an almost warrior-like helmet. When Garrison pulls UPROAR the hood like structure over his head, he can let viewers feel his Roar as he uses the lion to symbolize power, strength, and perseverance. 

Stephen Ward Brief on UPROAR

          A wearable designed for Garrison Reed, a motivational speaker and USA powerlifter who also identifies as disabled. A wearable that visualizes his strength, leadership, and perseverance through an abstracted lions mane in the form of a hood. Garrison Reed has overcome many obstacles, accomplished professional and personal goals and has been a major influencer within his communities. One of the characteristics that is highlighted in the wearable created for Garrison is his spirit animal, a lion. Just like a lion, Garrison is a leader, who takes on challenges and perseveres through whatever stands in his way.

          Due to Garrison's spirit animal, the lion, the wearable includes a lion hood, abstracting the mane of a lion. The acrylic cuts are pieced together in a foldable hood, that arches into abstracted points simulating a lions mane. although the wearable is made out of acrylic and hard plastic, The wearable is comfortable, while also portraying his most prevalent characteristics. The hood gives off the idea of a leader, and its large arcing hood shows his strength, almost like a warrior. When Garrison puts on the hood, onlookers will be filled with the overpowering feelings of strength and leadership.