Final Presentation

Jonathan Haber
Video (1).MOV

Jonny's Brief:
Gentrification Exhibit: an interactive installation that asks viewers to look beyond the windows of a modern office building. The viewer places their head into the box to learn about the history of gentrification and how it will affect Cambridge in the future. 

The exterior of the project is painted to look like an office building to demonstrate the outside part of the story. It symbolizes what people see at first glance. The brick on the interior of the project shows what happens when the new buildings are peeled and the history of the location is revealed. It shows what is there when a person looks deeper into gentrification.

There was extensive research done on gentrification in Boston, then Sea Port, then Central Square Cambridge. The research highlighted different stats ranging from apartment costs to how Harvard University affects gentrification in Cambridge. The box exhibit is attached to a light post using a peg device that changes the height making it friendly to visitors of all size. Once the viewer places there head inside, they can read and interact with information about gentrification in Cambridge. The overall goal is for the people of Cambridge to be educated on what is happening to their city.

Malachi's Brief: