Lottery Pig

India Adam and Azaria Molina

Azaria's Brief

Lottery Pig: An interactive and informational sculpture that brings awareness to the way people spend their money, addiction, and how scratch tickets can affect families financially. The design is the shape of a piggy bank with a transparent body and messages engraved on the side that informs people about the number of scratch tickets purchased in their community.

Many families are affected by addiction and gambling, and the piggy bank seeks to bring awareness to this issue. In addition, the piggy bank is also used as a recycling bin to prevent littering in neighborhoods and educate scratch ticket buyers about the use of their money. This project is created to capture people's attention with a pink pigs head, legs, and tail attached to a clear tube with markings signifying the number of tickets in the tube. As viewers place the scratch ticket inside the piggy bank, they are able to read the markings to understand the number of scratch tickets inside the tube. The goal of this project is to encourage people to think twice about the amount of money they spend on lottery tickets and how they can use that same amount to invest in themselves, their family, and their community. 

India's Brief

Lottery Pig: caused by scratch tickets and inform viewers about the hazards of gambling. In the shape of a piggy bank with a clear cylindrical body adorned with a pigs head, feet, and tail, the viewer can see the number of scratch tickets pile up, with markings indicating the money spent gambling.

The piggy bank brings awareness to the adverse effects scratch tickets have on lower-income communities. It also acts as a recycling bin, helping to decrease the amount of litter caused by scratch tickets. Placed outside of corner stores, the pig not only draws attention to addiction and gambling by informing the viewer with statistics about gambling but has a beneficial use. The markings, not finished in time, explain the amount of money the pig collected in scratch tickets and an alternative use for the money. On the other side is facts about the effects of gambling such as how lower-income families spend an average of $412 on scratch tickets. The pig is built from a laser cut skeleton support system, a vinal cylindrical body, and a slotted wooden head. It is created to raise awareness about the number of scratch tickets purchased as well as a way for the neighborhood to reduce litter.