Clap Collect

Madelin Newman and William Levy

Unique struggles to be independent and need tools designed especially for her. She has a tough time letting go of an adult figure. Part of this game will help with these problems. Collect The Fruit is a game that will keep Unique entertained but will also help her gain independence. Over time it will become natural for her to be on her own. 

The cardboard hands replicate human hands that Unique grabs when feeling lonely.  Imitating this feeling will help Unique slowly be able to work and have more alone time. The screen of the game is full of fruits and colors that interest her. This will help her stay focused.  First, she will grab the hands and put the bracelet strap on.  Then the game will begin, shooting fruit down from the top.  If she sees the fruit she dislikes she will clap her hands to discard the fruit and gain a point. The purpose of this project is to help Unique have fun while working on gaining independence and concentration skills.