Driving With Marcos

Amiyr Ahmad and Aaron Javaheri
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Amiyr - 

Driving with Marcos is a project dedicated to making a game/controller for Marcos.  The goal of this project is to make a controller for a specific person with a disability. The controller frame is made of wood while the steering wheel is 3d printed.  

Driving with Marcos is an adaptive steering wheel as well as a racing game. The game is inspired by Marcos's love of Lamborghini's and Forza. Marcos has trouble hitting the buttons on his Xbox which makes it hard to play a driving game that involves shifting and different commands.  The initial design of the controller includes a steering wheel with paddle shifters for gas and brake and two buttons to shift up and down. Now the steering wheel has all of the buttons and the frame that holds the electronics.

Aaron - 

The "soul" of our project was to create a game and a controller to help Marcos, play his favorite driving/racing games. Marcos still does play them he just finds the controllers and games hard to play overall. Our project utilizes a joystick to control the steering wheel instead of the traditional turning side to side. This will make the makes the range of motion wider so that he can maneuver the car easier. The game will look like the ice scene from Fast and Furious 7, which is one of Marcos favorite movies.

Our project exists to help out Marcos play and fully enjoy his favorite games. He can still play them just not that well so that he can play them better. Our project is for Marcos. Marcos loves to play driving games and one day would like to own a Lamborghini. Our projects uses a 3d printed wheel with a joystick attached for maximum range of motion. It also includes an Arduino and a wide arrange of buttons to fully control and to allow Marcos to be fully immersed in the game.