Louie Adamian

My film represents my anxiety and how it has affected my life. My entire film was shot on the Sony A7RII and Sony A7III. I used cinematography to show emotion and represent the feelings of anxiety. 

My project talks about mental health, which is often perceived as a taboo topic. While the film doesn't explicitly aim to help people, it could connect with similar mental health experiences. The shots represent how I see the world with my anxiety vs. the reality of the world. The shots resemble a time when I was anxious or panicked, so they are filmed close-up to make the viewer feel and understand the discomfort of the situation. Close up handheld shots and very dark shots with only the subject lit The shots also served to represent anxiety that was not portrayed through the narration. I edited my film to be somewhat choppy because it conveys the unpredictability and tumultuous nature of anxiety My hope is for the viewers of my film better understand what it is like to live with anxiety.