Julia Fein

If we could change one thing about the pants, it would be to have started with a different pair of jeans.  Since the jeans were skinny, we could not roll them up as high as we had hoped.  Also, they were hard to get off with the extra layer of fabric.  If we had more time on the project, we would make a do it yourself kit, or a "how to" guide to teach people how to make the pants.

We're both really proud of the pants and belt.  Both look normal during the day, but they become reflective or lit up at night.  The pants look great, and they are functional.  The biggest thing we learned from making the pants was how to use a sewing machine.  Molly and I both had no prior experience with sewing, and now we feel comfortable with the machine.  Molly and I had also never used an Arduino.  We definitely learned a lot through this studio about both fashion and technology.