William Truslow

Riding a bike at night can be very dangerous without the right safety equipment or gear. A common problem amongst night bikers that isn't widely addressed involves turning. Bikers use hand signals to indicate when they need to turn, however these signals aren't always visible at night. This is where the Turn-signal gloves come in.

The gloves are modifided biking gloves that are equipped with LED lights on the back. The LEDs illuminate when the index finger and thumb of the glove make contact and they Darken when this contact is broken. The user has the option to make the illumination constant or strobe depending on the frequency of contact.

The gloves are very simple to operate. The user simply inserts their hand into the glove and tightens the velcro strap at the wrist of the glove to keep it snug. The user then turns on the battery compartment on the back and they're ready to go.