Uliana Dukach and Anara Magavi
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Desmond is a very tall and broad dancer with the Heidi Latsky Dance company who had a tumor in his brain that caused him to lose most of his muscle tone on his left side, as a result, the left side of his body has fewer muscles than the right. HoneyComb is a wearable that uses asymmetry to attract attention to Desmond’s hidden disability on his left side.

 HoneyCombs consist of SemiCirel Mylar sheets stacked on top of each other in an alternating pattern connected by acrylic rods and screws. This creates semicircle that someone can open and turn into a 3-d sphere with a honeycomb-like pattern on the inside. It attached to the shoulder, elbow, and hip - knee joints only on Desmond’s left side. This will draw viewers attention to his hidden disability on his left side, while Desmond is performing.