Final - dogeClean

Final - dogeClean

Sam Daitzman


Doge Clean is a modular cleaning attachment made to mount under or behind preexisting robots in the NuVu space. It uses a modified tooth brush to vigorously scrub the floor with an “all natural cleaning solution” (dispensed from an aftermarket car windshield wiper fluid system). Running on Arduino, held by zip ties, and fueled by the essence of hacking, this little unit is ready to scrub away the competition.

Why/ How:

Doge Clean spawned from the need to clean the polished cement floors at NuVu, with the idea of attaching to the Telepresence Robot (v2). This way the arduous task of scrubbing the floor can be done with little to no effort, and make use of other hardware. The inspiration for the cleaning heads came from a hacked version of the Hex Bug toy which is essentially a pager motor on a toothbrush. In a similar manner, the cleaning heads on Doge Clean, use the bristles from toothbrushes. Why not use a better brush? Well, toothbrushes are cheap, durable, easy to replace, and they are extremely efficient at cleaning a small space with just a little effort; Even the military uses toothbrushes to scrub the floor! The toothbrushes were also chosen based on the reduced size and durability. Other aspects of the design were inspired by industrial floor cleaners used in stores such as Home Depot or Walmart. These machines put a cleaning solution on the floor, then proceed to scrub, vacuum, and squeegee the floor. Seeing as we couldn’t install a vacuum and a squeegee into NuVu’s space, we focused on the brush head and decided to drag a towel behind the cleaning heads to dry the floor.