Lev Roland-Kalb

Our original idea was a small band that clipped on to your computer screen and after thirty minutes of no movement sensed it would flash an annoying light in the users face forcing them to get up and move around. We then abandoned that idea after realizing that the user could easily take the band off of their computer and continue to play on it, or the could just ignore the lights. The LED's we had access to were powerful, but not enough to annoy someone out of their chair.

My group then decided to focus on a different topic\issue. Instead of a device promoting exercise we wanted to create something that could aid people in getting a better nights sleep. After doing preliminary research we found a study that suggested blue and silver light helped a person to fall asleep. After doing more in depth research we found multiple studies that stated the exact opposite. These studies said that blue light actually woke people up. Also we knew that white noise also aids sleep. It does this by drowning out all other sounds, so that once you get used to it the night sounds completely silent.

After we learned that we decided to make some sort of sleep assisting alarm clock. After running through multiple design prototypes we eventually found a design that we liked. It was a cylindrical shaped wooden shape with HDPE panels on the side that the light would shine from. Also it had a speaker in the top that could play white noise at a reasonable volume. It would play white noise for 8 hours (the recommended sleep time) and the a blue light would slowly fade in to wake you up.