Julia Zinsmeyer

During the cleaning robot studio we decided to make a mechanical white board eraser that could automatically clean. We also wanted it to be able to work on any whiteboard and easy to use for anyone. Our white board cleaning robot was inspired by window cleaning robots. We really liked how window cleaning robots made cleaning easier, the versatility and simplicity of the design. White boards are important to the future of education because they make collaborative work easier and are also useful in many other professional settings. They are particularly practical in group settings because they allow many different people to get their ideas down without wasting paper. The demand for white boards inspired us to make a robot that would help save people time. Our white board cleaning robot is easy to use and can be used on most white boards. The white board cleaner is powered through a wall plug and two motors. It is directed with a code written with Arduino. The code makes the robot move back and forth with sensor on each end. We designed a linear actuator to allow the movement of the eraser with a threaded road. The simplicity of the design makes it accessible to the general public.