Cameron Mayer

The goal of our studio was to create an effective illusion. In exploring this theme, we created a portable spinning Moire design.

We were originally inspired by a kickstarter where a 2D image was sketched into acrylic but when light was shined on the image, it appeared 3D. We were intrigued by the fact that light was able to have such a profound effect on an image and we wanted to try it out for ourselves. Our other inspiration was the Moire design art piece created by Jeff Leiberman. We were fascinated with the way the lines seemed to never end and and wanted to try to create a pattern of our own.

Our final product spins by itself when it is plugged into the wall, creating an interesting pattern that repeats. Our Moire pattern consists of two pieces of wood with the patterns cut into them. The two pieces of wood are in a box surrounded by five gears each: four to keep to plates on the right track and one gear connected to the motor that makes the plate spin.