Cameron Cyker

The initial idea was to make a phone case that holds pills. The first step was to brainstorm where to put the pills.  The pills were going to be put at the bottom of the phone case.  However, that idea was scrapped because it would interfere with the charging of the phone.  The pills were then going to be put on the back of the iPhone case.  The first concept was one big compartment. However, for organizational reasons, the big compartment was split into 4 smaller compartments for multiple pills.  The next step was to make these compartments modular, so they could be arrainged in multiple ways.  They were made to slide onto a platform which would be the back of the iPhone case.  The design of these compartments was changed to make them independant from eachother, so that one could be removed without having to take another one off.

All of the pieces were designed in Rhino and then 3D printed.  There were several challenges in this project. One of the big challenges was trying to make the case as thin as possible, but still functional.  Another challenge was making the design 3D printable.  The 3D printer was not able to print all of our desings well. The next steps would be to connect the containers to an actual iPhone case.  It would be interesting if there was an app for the iPhone that was designed to give the user reminders to take their pills and to tell them when they needed to re-fill the case.