Mechanical Animals

Jacob Calka
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My inspiration behind this project was the monkey.  I wanted  this project to put viewers directly in the jungle with this animal.   I have the monkey swinging from the branch and the mechanical aspect is a string that connects to the monkey's legs.  This string is able to be pulled by the viewer,  enabling the legs to move towards the branch.  This reflects the ability of the monkey to swing from branch to branch through the jungle.  As you can see, I crimped the  back of the monkey so the legs could reach up higher when pulled by the string.  The pull device is very basic, but effective.  The slip knot kept coming undone, so I resorted to scotch tape which worked perfectly.  My sketches are also basic, however, they helped a lot along the process and they solidified my vision.  I did also add a place for the branch to rest on that was not in my original sketches.