Satchel Sieniewicz

The Soft Robotic Hand is a research exploration into soft robotics through creating a prosthetic hand that enables more versatile actuation and durability that conventional robotic hands

Soft robotics have an incredible amount of potential to create precise movements, that would need many heavy actuators to replicate in conventional robotics. The goal of  this project if to examine soft robotic actuation and its ability to integrate into conventional robotics.  Soft robotics have some limitations, so harder materials and principals are being incorporated so the hand can perform  fine motor skills. Real world applications of this study could include full hand prosthesis replacement, helping to  provide grip strength for someone with a partly functioning hand, or even  an additional exoskeletal hand for someone who is in a particularly demanding jobs.

The hand consisted of three main groupings, the 4 upper fingers that have very similar functions, the thumb and palm, and the wrist. Each of the were fabricated  from 3d printed molds and cast in silicone.