Ian Emery and Charlie Nadeau
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The Low-Cost Water Filter is a filter that can be made out of materials that can be easily found, like clay and plastic containers, in conjunction with an affordable carbon filter. The filter uses filtration and evaporation to filter out particulate matter to produce drinkable water. The Low-Cost Water Filter was developed to be used in conjunction with the Low-Cost Water Backpack, which provides people in developing countries an affordable and ergonomic way to transport water from a water source back to their communities. Once there, they can use the filter.  The filter consists of a metal heating tray and two interlocking 3D-printed tanks and uses a two-step filtration system. these three tanks are stacked on top of each other.  First, the dirty water is poured into the top of the filter over a fire. the water flows into the top of the filter. The water then passes through a series of layers of sand, rock and carbon filters that block any larger particles. The water is then boiled in the bottom tank and the gas escapes through small holes in the bottom of the middle tank, where the water vapor condenses for storage. The process of evaporation removes any sub-visible chemicals that are harmful to the human body. This filter has a versatile design that can be scaled down or up in size, to serve a single home or to supply a whole community with clean water. It can help prevent the 3.4 million deaths each year from water-related diseases.