Nathaniel Tong

The Claw Hand, overall, was basically an improved design over the original RoboHand. We wanted to create a hand that had a higher range of movement, was able to pick up smaller objects, and something that could be strung up way easier than the original. By improving on each of these design flaws, we were able to create a more efficient and appealing prosthetic. In the end, the knuckles were curved to allow for a wider ranger of movement and so that it could pick up big objects with more grip. This was an improvement over the original RoboHand since the original had a very lateral movement. Next, we moved the thumb to the underside of them hand, underneath the index finger. This change made it more claw like and would allow the used to pick up smaller objects that wouldn't be possible with the RoboHand. Finally, we made stringing up the hand infinitely times easier. Using the violin string concepts, which meant that you could tune a violin by pulling out a tapered rod and twisting it, we were able to have a more efficient and adjustable string system. We believe that, with some more tweaks and looser tolerances, we created a much more improved, efficient, and functional design over the original RoboHand.