Nathaniel Tong

This story focuses on the character's dissatisfaction for the canned and processed soup that he was planning on eating. Clearly unhappy with the contents of the can, he sets out to create his own soup from scratch. Gathering an onion from his own garden, and preparing it the way he pleases, he was finally satisfied with his meal. 

Seed to Soup is a video representation of how the slow food movement needs to be reignited in society. Food of today has become faster and more efficient as opposed to being home grown and organic. Being more efficient doesn't always mean better. Food starts to lose its taste and wholeness, and it just feels less personal. Seed to Soup helps portray our distaste for the fast food ideal. Instead of driving to the store to pick up fruits and vegetables that shouldn't even be stocked all year, we want to entice the viewer into growing it themselves.