Amy Chan Reflection

Amy Chan

Throughout this studio, we did a series of exercises daily and experimented with our edge. I loved doing yoga because it helped center and be more present within myself.  I could become aware of myself and feel more energized throughout my entire body after a session of yoga. It helped me wake up and made me feel very positive. The meditation was very hard for me in the beginning because 20 minutes felt like a long time the first time we meditated. I had a hard time staying still and focusing on the moment; my mind was very busy and my thoughts would wander. Meditating is still a challenge for me, but what I learned was that you do not necessarily need a clear mind to meditate. You can be aware of your thoughts while meditating, and not necessarily have to shut out all of your thoughts. Every day, we did shaking/dancing to More Love by Victor Wooten, where the purpose was to just focus on the movement of your body, and not think about anything else. While I did this, all I thought about was the shaking and how it made me feel. It made me feel much better and relaxed afterwards because you just focused on dancing, and it was a perfect outlet and great way to start the morning. Later on in the day, we'd do free writing where you hand write stream of consciousness. It was very helpful to get things off your mind and release any anger. I really enjoyed this activity because it helped me relax more for later on in the day. Each morning we were to think of something we were grateful for and start off the day well. I found it nice but hard to remember each day because I was always thinking about what I had to do later on in the day, and getting ready to leave for school. Another exercise we did was qigong, and that helped me feel more peaceful; we imagined all the sensations in our body.



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