Nathan Wakhloo and Aveen Nagpal
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Our project is an abstract, artistic iteration of the complex behavior of the mating of two tiger sharks; it simulates the motion of sharks, while leaving an artistic mark throughout the process. 

Throughout the earth, there are countless species of unique and complex animals scattered across the globe, each with their own complex set of behaviors. The Tiger Shark, located in tropical coasts, is a very dangerous specimen that has not been seen by very many people due to the inherit danger; however, the Tiger Shark is a very interesting animal, and Aveen and I wanted people to have a simple, and safe method of observing the complex behaviors of sharks. We created the "Tiger Shark Mating Arena", a platform in which the process of Tiger Shark mating is displayed to the user, while creating an artistic mark during the performance. The mating of sharks is a very complex behavior, as the movement is very rapid and confusing, even when caught on the best cameras; this project helps reduce the confusion for those that are interested in the movement and behavior of sharks. The project is created from acrylic and silicon to give it a very clean aesthetic, while also having a solid foundation by using such sturdy materials. Using servos, our group made a motorized shark that simulates the female shark, while someone manually operates the male shark as it tries to mate with the female. The sharks are made of a colorized wax, and as the models move around inside of the arena, it leaves a mark on the paper that covers the acrilic arena, creating an artistic mark.