Rowan Roudebush and Joseph Cybul

Rowan brief:

The Growing Building is a building which comes out of the ground in the order that it will be put together, but each component will be put together in a fantastical way, this is meant to turn a usually mundane groundbreaking ceremony delightful.

The goal of ground breaking ceremony’s are to meet investors and city councilmen. Unfortunately almost all of these ceremony’s are extremely boring, and consist of important people in tuxedo’s with ribbon and a shovel. The goal of my project is to have the groundbreaking ceremony for lot jk in divco west’s north point development, break through the norm for most groundbreaking ceremonies. Having the building come out of the ground will allow people to anticipate what is going to be there, and having it be put together in the order it will be put together in real life but in a fantastic way makes it enjoyable to watch. 

We’re using gears to lift up the floors in a 1:2:3:4 ratio so it looks cool. Then we’re going to have a rod with felt resembling the outside of the building wrapped around it spring up and attach to the side of the building with magnets. The entire structure is going to spin around and be wrapped in this felt, then confetti cannons will go off and everyone will applaud!!

Joseph brief:

An automated model of a building that comes from the ground and starts growing the same way a normal building will(first the structure and then the walls). 

In this project we are designing a robot that will be used in the ground braking ceremony of one of the buildings that DivcoWest is building, the idea is to create a more delightful way of representing the ground breaking, different from the typical ground breaking ceremonies where some important representatives of the upcoming construction use a shovel and a pile of dirt to symbolize the start of a new step on building community.

Our idea is to have an automated building that grows from the ground, as it grows represents the ground breaking and at the same time is giving some important messages, one that i really like is that it shows community and also gives as strong massage of confidence, We decide to show the process of a real building in our project to make it as close as reality as possible, so the floors will come out first and after that the walls will be wrapped around by a unit mechanism involving magnets, springs and motors. after that some lights will turn on pointing at the building and also from the inside. to conclude we will like some confetti cannons to spicy things up.