Final Presntation

Simone Sparrow and Sophia Cohen

When Divco West came to us with the intention of wanting a delightful robot, my groups initial response was dancing. Traditionally ground breaking ceremonies, are a boring site with about right men holding dirt away. We wanted to come up with a way to have the ground breaking become exciting., We created a robot that grows out of the ground and dances based of sound. Three are three different layers to the robot. The first layer comes out of the ground and starts doing a wave motion with its arms. The Second robot then comes out and while the fist robot is still dancing, the second robots head begins to pin around. And lastly the biggest robot comes out of the ground an begins to move its head up and down. In the background would be a fun upbeat song, while the applause of the audience is what control the robot to keep growing out of the dirt. 

Creating this box like robot was very complicated in any ways. We had to create a mechanism that would support all three boxes, and all three dance moves. We had a three legged wooden mechanism with serovs, which are like small motors, attached to the bottom of each body box. We then had to code the servos in order to get them to move to the angle degree we wanted them too. We did the same mechanism for the second box, but we had to use a third servo in order to get the head to pin around. Lastly the smallest box contains two tiny servos by the arms in order to get them to move in that motion. The smallest box will come out of the ground first followed by the rest based off of how loudly the crowd claps. It was be a pleasant fun surprise for all to watch.