The Brief

Katrina Rojas

The Birds of Paradise are some of the most incredible creatures in the world. They possess several unique features and abilities such as their bright colored patterns, and their behaviors. For this studio, we looked at different animals and their different behaviors in relation to courtship, locomotion, and aggression. My parter and I focused on the Victoria's Rifle Bird and its' behavior when displaying courtship. The male lifts and fans its wings as it almost hops around while shifting its' head from side to side. Sometimes the female participates in this performance as she tries to decide whether or not she wants to pursue mating with the male. 

We created a wearable object that mimics the look of the Rifle Bird to be used in a fashionable or artistic way. It contains a motion sensor that activates LED lights when someone approaches the costume. This is a representation of the courtship between the female and the male rifle birds. 

When one thinks of art they think of a drawing, a painting, or a photograph. Art is a combination of things, and can also possess simplicity. If given more time, our project would be finalized and able to be worn to make art through photography. I hadn't known of the Birds of Paradise until I came to NuVu, and their beauty and uniqueness is something that should be known and celebrated.