Benjamin Lehv and Ford Chope
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We are making a robot that mimics human characteristics within an interaction, especially when reacting to abuse. The device is supposed to trick the people who have it, that it has some sort of consciousness and for them to create an emotional attachment to it. The robot will also act like a human and respond to a certain type of abuse in a way that people would. The idea for the mediator came to me the second the topic was proposed and I had the vision for something that I thought could be special. I immediately began to formulate an entire plan and vision for the project, with a dream for everything this could do. I not only wanted it to react to abuse and be cool, but also help people and benefit others in a way I believe in significantly. The entire thesis was for the mediator to regulate a fight, reacting when the volume and tone of voice was too loud around it. When hearing this it would first cuddle up and almost protect itself, but then quickly become restless and begin to slam its fists on the table, quieting with a loud noise and aggression. My least favorite image, when thinking this through, was a young child sitting there and witnessing his or her parents fight, helpless and feeling alone. The robot would try to appeal tho this empathy and make people more aware of their surroundings, as they will realize that if they make the robot feel a certain way, it is probably the same for the people around them. Although, will become firm and get them to quite by action and almost scold them. This will almost act as a way to help people love more, fight less, and control themselves when angry. My vision was also that it would create relief for a child who is going through a horrible situation like that and will have someone/thing who is feeling the same emotion and is there for them. It will change the way people fight and interact and hopefully help teach people and improve their actions through the power of love and empathy. What is wood, with moving head and arms, will hopefully be able to improve one of the biggest problem in the world, hatred.