Graham Galts

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The Neck, by Graham Galts

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My project, The Neck is a robot that tries to escape humans when they attempt to capture it. However, if they do succeed in grabbing it, the robot instantly dies, and may invoke the emotions of fear and pity. 

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My first idea was to have a bottle shaped object that would shake until it fell dead butthat seemed unrealistic, and did not give the appearences of a human.

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My next idea was a spider robot that would crawl away from you but this robot was hard to grab and would be way too complicated. Also it had no way to struggle against you except to crawl forward.

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I then explored elongated neck ideas but these were hard to make and not very easy to grab as well, but they did allow me to put in the idea of back legs that would hit you, but otherwise do nothing.

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I then built a neck prototype that had beams that would work as a robot, but the math behind them was really complicated and would take me much longer than I wanted to make.

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Then I started working on ideas that would have a grabbable part at the top but also would allow sufficient space for mechanics on the bottom.

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This was my first prototype but I accidentaly made the piece at the front and the back to big so I had to redo it, and there were no holes for anything.

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This was a diagram of what I wished to do with the legs. The peg at the back connected to the end of the triangle rotates and spins the entire robot.

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This was a prototype of the legs. The main problem I ran into was that the screw on the last peg kept running into the bar, so I doubled the piece and glued them together and then base kept having screw bottoms running into them.

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This was my second cardboard prototype which all fit together, except I kindof forgot to add a hole for the back legs.

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This slide shows my 2 completed cardboard Klann legs which worked well in cardboard and spun freely.