Drew Siegal and Richard Lourie

Children who are missing eyes need to put Prosthetics in. This can be a very scary process, most of them don't feel comfortable letting someone touch their face, let alone their eye. We wanted to help children become more comfortable with things going near their eyes. Our project is a pair of fake glasses that kids can practice on. They will put their face near the glasses and put a ball through the whole. One of our precedents is a marble run, we wanted to make it fun, and while we were at Perkins we saw some marble runs that looked cool. Another precedent is a pair of glasses, because we wanted the project to feel familiar. Our design is a headrest that has a pair of glasses when someone puts a ball through it goes down a marble run. We wanted to make it fun. We started out in cardboard, and designed the run. Then we measured it, and designed it in wood. The ramps have notches in them to help them fit together. After we were finished, we spray painted everything. If we had more time we would make the ramps have bells on them so that it would make fun noises.