The Process of the Drum Hand

Caroline Leta

Our first idea was to create a tambourine hand. When someone shook the hand, the tambourine would move back and forth and make noise. We then changed our idea to a hand that could have removable instruments and a single drumstick that would hit all of the instruments. Later, we met with David and he helped us realize that it would take the whole two weeks to make just the drum stick so we should only make that.

Our first design was 2D printed on wood. We fixed our small mistakes like having parts be too small, not having a hole for the drum stick, and not having a handle, and started working on building the hand in 3D.

Our first 3D model turned out well. The drum stick moved like we wanted, except that we couldn't attach the elastic to have the drum stick and hand because we forgot to make a part to hold it. Once we got the standard back to our hand, we made the piece to hold the string and elastic. It was really hard getting them to be exactly the way you want because the knots would come undone or they would be too tight or loose. 

Once we got the strings to be exactly how we wanted them, we started cutting the screws to be the size that we want and designing the front handle. We 3D printed it and it worked! The last thing we did was add velcro and then we finished!